Do you agree with modern Fashion Trends for 2019?

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Modern fashion decided to follow the trends of androgyny and uniqueness and it does not always consider individual preferences, likes and dislikes. Many grand names released their collections for the year 2019 to only be found out by people as unattractive, repulsive and impossible to wear. Are you joining us on the same view? The fashion of today is not what it used to be. We used to follow the trends closely, watched every fashion show in order to stay up to date and fashionable. Can we genuinely speak of the same today?

As someone who was always into Fashion, including making my own designs, sewing from the age of 13, I shall admit, Fashion of 2019 has nothing to do with taste nor beauty! I love the flow of curves being expressed through the clothing that women wear. The subtlety, the novelty, the game of genders, it all comes together to show off your body through Fashion, Taste, Love, Passion and Beauty! What I see from Fashion shows and catwalks in 2019, is not what we would want to follow nor wear. It is far detached from reality and has nothing to do with our daily lives. Do you see yourself going to a business dinner and wearing a strange bulky costume with your pants hardly reaching your bottom? I don't think so... Though colors might screech for attention, it is not an accustomed nor habitual clothing for business people. 

At this time, everybody sets the Fashion, there is very little to follow when the whole show does not evoke inspiration,  desire to wear, nor portrays the beauty! And that being said, we agree to set the tone for Fashion ourselves at High Fashion USA taking into account, we live in the world of business, of family and friends, and we do have ideals of beauty and boy, do we want to look good.

Fashion of ours is not about extremes, it is all to do with looks, beauty and comfort. Our clothing is acceptable for any event, be it personal or business, and won't let you down. The fashion shall be expressed to compliment you, not to discourage others to look at you and the least of all, scare them away. Please understand, our Fashion is suitable for daily wear, as well as lovely. We really hope, you follow our Fashion as we expressed it through our hearts.


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